Unoffendable: One way to not be threatened by anything

There’s only one way to not be threatened by anything, and that’s if you have nothing to lose.

And this is where this choosing-to-be-unoffendable business really becomes not only possible but also completely consonant with the teachings and life of Jesus. Just making the choice, and being mindful each day that “I’m not going to let people offend me,” is very helpful, and it will make life better.

But ultimately, if I’m living in fear of losing something— whether it’s security through status, looks, money, family, whatever— I’m going to be fearful, more easily threatened, and therefore prone to anger.   Continue reading “Unoffendable: One way to not be threatened by anything”

The Great Flood

Two people who came to yesterday’s Explore Bible Study about The Great Flood have individually come back to let us know they went home and studied the passages further!

We considered that the ark was a type of Jesus.


And just like it says that God was pleased by Noah and his obedience, we too want to know we please God, not living to try to please him and become accepted (living ‘for’ the Cross) but living from a place where we are loved and accepted by God (living ‘from’ the Cross).

Here are some notes Lynn made of her studies following our conversations:   Continue reading “The Great Flood”

Flood: Judgment for sin

Flood:  Judgment for sin (Genesis 6 – 10)

Over the next several hundred years, as man multiplies in numbers, so his tendency to sin multiplies, until a time comes when God can find only eight people who are willing to live in a righteous relationship with Him:  Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives.  So, in judgment for sin, God performs surgery on the human race, cutting out the cancerous tissue, as it were, and leaving behind the healthy tissue to restore itself.  He does this by sending a worldwide flood which destroys mankind, except for Noah and his family, who are saved in Noah’s ark.


Taken from 30 Days to Understand the Bible by Max Anders.

Fall: Sin entered The World

Fall:  Sin entered The World (Genesis 3)

Satan, appearing in the form of a serpent, lures Adam and Eve into rebelling against God and violating the one prohibition God had given them: Not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  They are driven out of the Garden of Eden, and a curse is placed on the earth.  When Adam and Eve rebel, sin enters the world.  All the pain, all the evil, all the suffering endured by mankind for all time can be traced to that one act, which is, therefore, appropriately called the ‘fall’ of man.


Taken from 30 Days to Understand the Bible by Max Anders.

Unoffendable Chapter 13: Wait! Are we not supposed to be angry at injustice?

Wait! Are we not supposed to be angry at injustice? Are you crazy? We’re not.

Yes, it’s unnatural, completely against our instincts, exceedingly radical, certainly unfashionable, counterintuitive, and in violation of conventional wisdom.

Yes to all that.

But so is “Love your enemy.”

Let’s dispense with one idea at the very start of this chapter: Continue reading “Unoffendable Chapter 13: Wait! Are we not supposed to be angry at injustice?”

Your future is the exact opposite of your feelings

I love Dave Gilpin.  Here he is on the Prayer of Jabez.

Your future is the exact opposite of your feelings. Your destiny is the exact opposite of your dead ends. Your purpose in life is the direct inverse to the past in your life! Why? Because God builds his greatest strengths upon your greatest weaknesses. Because Jabez knew this, he was singled out from a list of 600 names and granted his cry to become everything he wasn’t! Go figure.