Don Francisco: Everybody else but me

An old live recording from singer songwriter Don Francisco:  Everybody else but me (1984).

‘I really wish Joe had been there that day; cause he really needed to hear it’!


Way back there in Jesus’ time; the Pharisees walked so proud
They thought that they had the way to God; they prayed their prayers out loud
But Jesus said they had hell to pay; for the pretense and the games they’d play
I’m glad that’s not like us today; we wouldn’t act like that

Everybody else but me, Everybody else but me
He was talking to the hypocrite and pharisee
Everybody else but me

I went to church one day last month, the preacher he preached real good

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Bill Wilson: Whose Child Is This?

A few short quotes that inspired me from the book I have just finished, Whose Child is this by Bill Wilson:

‘If people don’t know your passion, you don’t have any.’

I don’t plan to reach the age of sixty five and say, ‘I wish I had the chance to do it again differently.’

‘Long ago I realised that though I may have a successful ministry and a first-rate presentation of the gospel, taking the time to put my arm around a child and actually listen, not just act as if I’m listening, is more effective than any presentation I will ever make.’

‘Do I really care?  That is the question we must all ask ourselves.  Author Henrietta Mears, has said ‘The teacher has not taught until the pupil has learned.’  How do they learn?  When children love the messenger, they are open to the message.  That is why caring must always precede communication.  If people don’t like you, they’re not going to listen to you.  It’s that simple.’

‘You will only be remembered for two things in life:  The problems you solve and the problems you create.’

‘It’s not as important what you accomplish in life as what you set in motion.’


2 Samuel 9: We are Mephibosheth

Our Bible Timeline series continues today at Ottery St Mary Parish Church at 11.15.

How do you think David responded when he heard the news that Saul, the King who was determined to kill him, was dead?  If someone were trying to kill you for several years, would you be glad that he was no longer a threat to your life? Would you be happy that you were safe at last? Today in Explore we are going to study how David responded when he heard that Saul and Jonathan were dead.

Shortly after David became king, he remembered his covenant with Jonathan to show kindness to his family. David promised Jonathan that he would show loving kindness to his family forever (1 Samuel 20:14-17). David vowed to Saul that he would not kill any of the children that came after him (1 Samuel 24:21-22). Now that Saul and Jonathan were dead, and David was king, it would have been easy for David to forget his commitment. But David not only remembered his commitment to Saul, he went far beyond it.

David asked, “Is anyone left from the royal house of Saul? If there is, I want to be kind to him because of Jonathan.” – 2 Samuel 9:1

Mephibosheth had not done anything to earn the kindness and blessing he received from David. David did not bless Mephibosheth because of anything he had done. These blessings were freely given to him as a gift. And they were a gift that he could never repay.

Grace is extending special favour to someone who doesn’t deserve it, who hasn’t earned it, and can never repay it…Grace is a demonstration of love that is undeserved, unearned, and unrepayable.

Chuck Swindoll

Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Those blessings come from the heavenly world. They belong to us because we belong to Christ.

Ephesians 1:3

God pours His grace out on those who accept His gift.


2 Samuel 9: David is kind to Mephibosheth

In tomorrow’s Explore, we continue our Bible Timeline series.

Grace seeks us where we’re at, brings us to the King’s presence, and keeps us for the King’s return.

David’s display of grace and kindness to Mephibosheth is a wonderful picture of God’s grace to us.

  • We are hiding, poor, weak, lame, and fearful before our King Jesus comes to us
  • We are separated from our King because of our wicked ancestors and our own deliberate actions
  • We separated ourselves from the King because we didn’t know him or His love for us.
  • Our King sought us out before we sought Him.
  • The King’s kindness is extended to us for the sake of another.
  • We must receive the King’s kindness in humility.
  • The King returns to us what we lost in hiding from Him.
  • The King returns to us more than what we lost in hiding from Him.
  • We are received as sons at the King’s table, with access to the King and fellowship with Him.
  • The King’s honour does not immediately take away all our weakness and lameness, but it gives us a favour and standing that overcomes its sting and changes the way we think about ourselves.

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