The Battle of Jericho: A miraculous conquest of a City

On the eve of the Battle of Jericho, Joshua needed to be reassured, and this happened.  But it also took great faith on Joshua’s part and his army’s to carry out God’s strange instructions.  God chose to give the victory in such a way that no one could say it was achieved by their own cunning or courage.

The Canaanites are united in their hatred of the Israelites, but not in their military opposition to them. Primarily, the region is characterized by individual kings, each with his own city and surrounding country. Joshua cuts through the middle section toward the Mediterranean Sea. Having divided the land, he then begins to conquer, from South to North. In about seven years the initial defeat of Canaan is complete (Joshua Chapters 7-12).

Each of the twelve tribes of Israel is given a land area by lottery and is responsible for finalizing dominion over that area. All twelve tribes inhabit their area and take up a relationship of loose federation with the other tribes (Joshua Chapters 13-20).

Tomorrow at Explore: Jordan, a miraculous parting of the water

After the Exodus, the circumstances were perilous for the Israelites. They had wandered in the wilderness for forty years because of rebellion and unbelief at Kadesh Barnea. Now they were at the banks of the Jordan. Would Israel resolve to forge ahead, or would they shrink from the circumstances as their fathers had done?

After the death of Israel’s great leader, Moses, God handpicks Joshua to succeed him. The task of rallying and leading the people falls to Joshua. Would the people galvanise behind Joshua? Or would they refuse his leadership? The Israelites faced a critical fork in the road.

Joshua’s first challenge is to cross the Jordan River at flood. God commands him to prepare the nation for a ceremonial procession and to begin walking, priests first, toward the Jordan River. When the priests touched water, God would part the water for them. (This is the second miraculous “parting of water” that God performed for Israel. The first was the parting of the Red Sea.) The people respond, and God parts the Jordan River for a distance of about twenty miles. They cross without incident, and the water begins flowing again.

Then Joshua told the people, “Make yourselves holy, because tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

What was Joshua preparing God’s people for tomorrow?

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The Shack movie

The film adaptation of William P. Young‘s book The Shack is due in US cinemas March 2017.

The movie features top billed cast Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw. The story follows the journey of a man who encounters a group of strangers in a hidden mountain cabin, a group led by a woman named Papa. The encounter ultimately leads the man to some crucial truths and a changed perspective. The Shack is directed by Stuart Hazeldine.


Frances Ridley Havergal: Take My Life and Let It Be

Frances Ridley Havergal was a Christian devotional writer, poet, hymn writer and musician who was born December 14, 1836, into a cultured, religious family at Astley, Worcestershire, England. She was the youngest child of William Henry Havergal, a Church of England minister and noted poet and church musician who authored about 100 hymns.

At the age of 3, Miss Havergal could read; at the age of 4, she began reading and memorizing the Bible; at 7 she began writing poetry.

When she was eleven, her mother died after a long period of suffering.

Miss Havergal was converted and committed her life to Christ in 1851, at the age of 14. She said,

I committed my soul to the Saviour, and earth and heaven seemed brighter from that moment.  I did trust the Lord Jesus.

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Brother Andrew: Easier to calm a radical than wake a corpse

Brother Andrew on why it’s much easier to calm down a radical than wake up a corpse

‘It’s easier to calm down a radical than wake up a corpse’. Brother Andrew tells us to wake up.

In an old interview carried out long before the days of ISIS and even more the war on terror, Brother Andrew (founder of Open Doors, Bible smuggler and author of numerous books) talks about Islam and the need for each of us to wake up and take risks.

How bad is it for Muslims turning to Christ?

Brother Andrew: It’s getting worse. Fundamentalism is on the rise, western reactions are still negative, creating more radicalism, fundamentalism and terrorism over there. Christians are not getting enough help, young people by their thousands need our help, our support and we need to know their stories so that maybe we can put some pressure on our governments to increase their protection.   Continue reading “Brother Andrew: Easier to calm a radical than wake a corpse”


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