Perfect in all of Your ways

I’ve seen many searching for answers far and wide
But I know we’re all searching
For answers only you provide

I’ve heard a thousand stories of what they think you’re like
But I’ve heard the tender whispers of love in the dead of night
And you tell me that you’re pleased
And that I’m never alone

You’re a good good father
It’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are
And I’m loved by you
It’s who I am, it’s who I am, it’s who I am
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Tomorrow at Explore: Roger Jones

Something a little exciting at Explore tomorrow!  Roy and Pat host a morning with a special guest, Roger Jones, who has written more than twenty musicals that have made an impact across the widest sweep of British churches.  It’ll be great!  11.15 Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

My worth: Which of the girls and women in this video do you relate to? 

Which of the girls and women in this moving video do you relate to?  It finishes with Jamie Grace’s wonderful song, Daughter of the King, which she sings with her sister, Morgan Harper Nichols.  The video is ten minutes long, including the song and some words from Jamie Grace at the end.  

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The Maker of skies, the Maker of seas
The Maker of every beautiful thing
He made you, He made you too
The mountain high, the river wide
He tells the sun when to set and rise
And He made you, He made you too
You’re a daughter of the King
So tell me, what does that make you?

Martin Smith’s new single Jesus Only You for free for the next week

The website We Are Worship are allowing you to download the mp3 of Martin Smith‘s new single Jesus Only You for free for the next week?  (The guitar chords and sheet music too, if you want it).  Find it here.  Written by Martin Smith, Reuben Morgan and Jason Ingram, it’s a duet sung by Martin with his recently married daughter.

Here’s a video of the song with the lyrics:

The words are:

There is one who calls my name
There is one who bears my shame
There is one who leads me out of darkness
Just one name

Jesus, only you
   Jesus, only you,
   You’re the one who I adore, Jesus
   There is no one I love more, Jesus
   You will always have my heart
   You will always have my heart

In Your arms I cannot fall
In Your love I have it all
You’re the one who I was born to worship
Just your name

“God is good. I am not.” – is it true?

Many of us believe that God sees us all as failures, wretches who are utterly depraved. We’ve written songs to reinforce our assumptions, penning lyrics about our own ugliness and separation. We think, When I hate myself, am I not simply agreeing with God?
Is this how God sees me? Is this how God sees you?  Does God agree with how I see myself and what others have told me about who I am at the core of my being?
The truth is that we have inherent value because we are made in the image of God.  Our value and worth are not dependent on us.

If I believe the deepest truth about me is worthlessness, then why are you surprised when I act like I’m worthless?  Am I not at least being honest?  Yes, I would be, if that were the truth about who I am;  but it is not the truth.

Does anything that is ‘not good’ originate in God?  No!

Are we still image bearers, made in the image of God?  Yes, we are!

God, who is only good, creates only good—very good! This is why Jesus asked the rich  young ruler, ‘Why are you calling me good? There is only One who is Good, and that is God’ (Matthew 19:17). This is not Jesus saying, ‘There is nothing good in me,’ but asking, ‘Do you see God in me, young brother? Is that why you are calling me good, or is this still about performance?’

Yes, we have crippled eyes, but not a core of ungoodness. We are true and right, but often ignorant and stupid, acting out the pain of our wrongheadedness, hurting ourselves, others, and even all creation. Blind, not depraved, is our condition. Remember, God cannot become anything that is evil or inherently bad… and God became human.

I am fundamentally good because I am created ‘in Christ’ as an expression of God, an image bearer, imago dei (see Ephesians 2:10). This identity and goodness is truer about us than any of the damage that was done to us or by us.

Abridged, from Lies we believe about God, Wm. Paul Young.


Henry Cloud: When you have failed, what did you do as a result?

From It’s Not My Fault by Henry Cloud and John Townsend:

Let me ask you to take a moment and do some honest reflection.  Find a quiet space where you can think without distraction and answer these questions:

When you have failed, what did you do as a result?

Did you feel bad about yourself?

Did you withdraw from the pursuit of whatever it was that you failed at?

Are you now doing the thing you failed at then?

Are you doing it successfully?

Is there anything you would like to do now that you are not doing because you might fail?

How you answer those questions, or more accurately, how you have lived out the answers to those questions, has the power to determine where you end up in life. Your answers will determine your success in the areas that you care about most. In this chapter we will explore the positive ways you can deal with inevitable failures on your path to your goals.

From It’s Not My Fault by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.