Teachers in the Church

In order for teachers to play their true role in the culture of the Church, they will have to pursue a supernatural lifestyle. When Jesus taught a crowd about the Kingdom of Heaven, He always showed them the Kingdom… If we see Jesus doing it, then we are on to something good. If He wasn’t doing anything like what we are doing, we’d better ask ourselves, What went wrong? The days of teaching our limited experiences are over.

HonourDanny Silk, Culture of Honour, page 69

The ability to prove that we’re right to believe

When Heaven stops manifesting itself in the Church, Christians have to ‘prove’ somehow that they are reasonable for following Jesus. When the power of the Gospel is replaced by arguments… and the Church insists on a logical gospel… everyone should be concerned… A person experiencing the touch of Heaven is proof enough that Jesus is who He says He is.

HonourDanny Silk, Culture of Honour, page 68.

Meeting God to pray for others

Do you carry a burden for someone else?  Let’s take them to Gethsemane and meet Jesus there in prayer.

Look for Him as He’s weeping before the Father on their behalf.  Kneel beside Him and agree with what He prays.

Ask the Lord what He feels about that burden and connect with His heart.  Speak the words, ‘Lord, let Your heart be comforted’ and watch what He says and does.  Follow Him emotionally until He comes to peace or joy.  Let His comfort overflow to you.

Then ask Him, ‘Why are You at peace concerning this burden?’ or ‘Why are You joyful about this person?’  He will usually answer with a word of promise that ignites faith in us to intercede.

From Can You Hear Me? by Brad Jersak, Chapter 6.Brad-Jersak-Can-you-hear-me-201x300

Overcoming Blocks to Meeting God

  1. God Himself is never blocked.  Whenever we have trouble hearing, God is fully capable of speaking to you in a way you cannot mistake.  So, why doesn’t He?
  2. God led You there.  Whenever we feel blocked in our ability to hear, it is because something exists that God wants us to see.
  3. There’s always a way in.  If one particular door doesn’t seem to open, I should try the next one.  No need to walk away in defeat.

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Meeting God in Dreams and Visions

Crossing over into other imaginary lands is familiar to readers of Christian authors like C.S. Lewis.  But it should be just as familiar to readers of Bible writers and prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel or John.  Sometimes visions and dreams were something the prophets ‘saw’.  At other times, they were more like spiritual places where they were taken to meet God. Continue reading “Meeting God in Dreams and Visions”

Meeting God in Personal Memories

Ask God to remind you of a memory that represents a ‘first’ for you.  Maybe it was a first day at a school or job.  It might be a first performance or a first date.  As you step back into that memory, do you remember how you felt that day?

Jesus says ‘I am with you always’ and ‘I will never leave you or abandon you’.  Now ask Jesus to show you where He was on that occasion.  Ask Him, ‘What were you doing?’  He loves to show us that He is with us, even in our darkest times.  As you sense His presence in that memory, draw close to Him and tell Him how you felt.  What does He say or do about that?


Meeting God in Physical Places

Our friend Lorna meets God under a clear blue sky.  Our friend Bruce met God while imagining a walk by the river he’d done for real the previous evening.  Annette meets God at the same farm gate on her weekday morning cycle route.  Often I meet God on a beach we went to as a family on holiday.

Do you have a familiar physical place where you enjoy meeting with God?  Maybe its a favourite room to pray.  Maybe a particular chair or place you like to sit or kneel.   Continue reading “Meeting God in Physical Places”