Transcendent or intimate?

Big problem

Today Annette asked whether we want to live lives that celebrate God’s awesome power, transcendent majesty and sovereign work, or experience his intimate presence as we encounter him in heartfelt worship?

What do you think?

The Great News in a Nutshell

This Sunday we tried to put into words the great message, the Gospel we have to offer.

We decided upon:

  • There is a God who loves us.
  • We have all gone off-course; our way, not God’s.
  • We couldn’t save ourselves, so God took the initiative in Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • We choose a better way, God’s way not ours, because we are forgiven.

Is there anything we’ve missed out?  Do you think there is anything here, even something that is true, that is not an essential part of the message?

An unchanging message or fresh for every generation?

Today Kay asked whether we are to be faithful guardians of an unchanging message about Jesus, and the need for personal salvation and sanctification, or do we adapt ways of worship, teaching, being church and doing mission according to culture and context?

What do you think?

Both One Thing And The Other

Today Colin introduced a new series for Explore.  He quoted Charles Simeon:

often the truth is to be found not in one extreme,

or the other,

or even in the middle,

but in both extremes at once

Both one thing and the other

What do you think of that?