Brother Andrew: Easier to calm a radical than wake a corpse

Brother Andrew on why it’s much easier to calm down a radical than wake up a corpse

‘It’s easier to calm down a radical than wake up a corpse’. Brother Andrew tells us to wake up.

In an old interview carried out long before the days of ISIS and even more the war on terror, Brother Andrew (founder of Open Doors, Bible smuggler and author of numerous books) talks about Islam and the need for each of us to wake up and take risks.

How bad is it for Muslims turning to Christ?

Brother Andrew: It’s getting worse. Fundamentalism is on the rise, western reactions are still negative, creating more radicalism, fundamentalism and terrorism over there. Christians are not getting enough help, young people by their thousands need our help, our support and we need to know their stories so that maybe we can put some pressure on our governments to increase their protection.   Continue reading “Brother Andrew: Easier to calm a radical than wake a corpse”


In Explore tomorrow, Leisa shows us a woman who trusted in a God that she did know…. and was saved.

Is faith just a prop for the weak-minded?

In Inspire magazine, Andy Bannister targets a familiar argument that simply doesn’t add up …

A friend once caught a taxi one Sunday morning after church. Seeing her Bible, the driver sneered dismissively. “Religion is just a psychological crutch,” he said, “something for weak-minded people who lack the self-reliance to take responsibility for their own lives. People believe in God because it makes them feel good.”

Realising he’d probably blown any chance of a tip, he attempted to recover with: “What’s a nice girl like you need religion for anyway?”

Psychology is everywhere. We’re told it can explain everything from what we do in the bedroom to our religious preferences: psychology can explain sects as well as sex. The claim is not a new one, however: Continue reading “Is faith just a prop for the weak-minded?”



At the Bible Study tomorrow, we look at the choosing of Joshua.

Moses had been a great leader, but in the end it wasn’t his job to take God’s people into the promised land.  Have you ever had to step into someone else’s shoes and take over?  Joshua had been Moses’ right-hand man for many years, learning from him not only how to be a leader but also how to depend on God.  He needed all the help and encouragement he could get – and we’ll be studying the help and encouragement he received.