Baptism and Temptation

Our Vicar Steve leads Explore tomorrow, and it’s not even Communion!  What was the outcome of Jesus’ baptism?  Why did he choose to go without food for so long?  The devil offered Jesus another way to save the world, how did Jesus handle it?  What sort of things tempt you away from recognising God’s love?

11.15am Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

John the Baptist’s message

A fourth Sunday in the month, so no morning Explore meeting tomorrow, but in the afternoon, a Bible Study at Colin and Annette’s, looking at Luke 3 and John the Baptist. The story uses the Old Testament to describe John’s work, so how does this fit in with what’s come before?  What does it mean to be baptised?  Is what John did the same as our baptism, or something different?  How did John describe what Jesus would be like?

Children are welcome.  Please bring some cake.
4.30 – 6pm, Karibu, Sandhill Street, Ottery St Mary.  We start with tea and cakes and then study.