Nehemiah: Destruction from war and neglect

During the seventy years of captivity, the leadership of Judah has been taken into exile, and the city of Jerusalem falls into disrepair.  Not only has the city suffered the ravages of the military campaign during the initial conquest, but it has also fallen victim to the erosion of neglect.  The destruction from war and neglect leaves Jerusalem in a state of abject ruin.

A fourth Sunday in the month, so no morning Explore meeting, but in the afternoon, a Bible Study at Colin and Annette’s.  4.30 – 6pm.  We start with tea and cakes and then study.  It’ll be a bit different as we’ll begin by watching a ten-minute video clip of a Chinese man who overcame his greatest fear until in the end he saw it as a gift. We’ll then introduce Nehemiah.  Children are welcome.

If you are reading this after the event, here is the full video (15 mins) that I showed a clip from;  Jia Jiang, What I learned from 100 days of rejection.

‘Basically the idea is for 30 days you go out and look for rejection, and every day get rejected at something, and then by the end, you desensitize yourself from the pain. And I loved that idea.’  Jia Jiang


Daniel 1: Honouring God in a world that doesn’t

Tomorrow at Explore, 11.15am Ottery St Mary Parish Church, Lynn introduces Daniel, who lived in the sixth century before Jesus’ birth.  He gave leadership and encouraged faithfulness among the exiles for the next seventy years.

Sin is a fact of human existence.  God will forgive whoever comes to Him in repentance.  But that does not change the fact that sin has consequences.  Israel tasted this bitter reality.  Their relationship with the Lord deteriorated.  They lived in roller-coaster rebellion against Him for 400 years during the Kingdom Era, continually paying the price.  Finally, the debt became so great that judgment came in the form of military conquest.  During the time of the Exile, there were some great spiritual leaders – and repentance was evidenced by a section of the Jewish people. However, this did not remove the penalty for the years of rebellion; the full price of their sin – the Exile – had to be exacted.

Hezekiah Gets Ill

Tomorrow at Explore, 11.15am Ottery St Mary Parish Church, we return to our Bible Timeline series.  Annette introduces us to Hezekiah, one of Judah’s good Kings. Isaiah was God’s prophet at the time and brought God’s answers to the king, including the confirmation of his healing by a miracle of the sun’s shadow going backwards on the stairs.  We are God’s people in our time – are we available to say what God wants to say and communicate His love to people?  Who would God like you to come alongside in this way?

We’ll be singing I Will Sing; God My Rock; Good, Good Father and Beautiful Saviour. Steve will lead us through Communion and the service will be followed by one our popular Bring and Share lunches, if you’re able to stay!