The fall of Adam and our fall too.

Theologian C. Baxter Kruger writes: 

As an act of sheer grace, of keen awareness of Adam’s fear and identification with him in his pain, and as an act of determination to meet and relate to him in his fallen state, the Lord accepted Adam in his shame and related to him as he was. He clothed him (Genesis 3:21). Such an act was not about God or a divine need to be appeased. This was an act of love, of acceptance and real relationship, flowing out of his determination to bring the purpose of adoption to fruition.

In the Garden of Eden it is difficult to find an offended God.  We see the Lord, who, by our way of thinking, should have been highly offended, and who had every right to curse Adam and destroy him utterly – but he didn’t.  We see the Lord putting aside all his rights to abstract justice and punishment, and we see him more concerned about his lost and terrified creatures than he is about his honour. Continue reading “The fall of Adam and our fall too.”

Sinach: Way Maker

Sinach is a Nigerian songwriter and worship leader. In March she became the first Christian singer from Nigeria to get a hundred million views on a single video on YouTube. Here is the video, Way Maker.

You are here
Moving in our midst
I worship you, I worship you
You are here
Working in this place
I worship you, I worship you

Way maker, Miracle worker, Promise keeper, Light in the darkness
My God, That is who you are

You are here, Touching every heart
I worship you, I worship you
You are here, Healing every heart
I worship you, I worship you
You are here, Turning lives around
I worship you, I worship you
You are here, Mending every heart
I worship you, I worship you

You wipe away all tears, You mend the broken heart
You’re the answer to it all, Jesus

I Am

‘I am the bread of life,’ replied Jesus. ‘Anyone who comes to me will never be hungry! Anyone who believes in me will never be thirsty!’

John 6:35, New Testament for Everyone

‘I am the true vine’, said Jesus, ‘and my father is the gardener.’

John 15:1, New Testament for Everyone

‘I am the good shepherd,’ Jesus continued. ‘The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.’

John 10:11, New Testament for Everyone

Image from the Bible Society 2019 calendar.

Wm. Paul Young: Coincidence has a name!

One of my mantras is ‘Coincidence has a Name!

There are no chance encounters. What we call detours are usually intended destinations but simply not in our planner or agenda. Part of participation with the flow of the redeeming genius and creativity of the Spirit is to be present enough to pay attention to the glory and kind humour that surrounds us, even in the midst of profound loss and agony.

Wm. Paul Young, Lies we believe about God


J John: 12 things Atheists should thank Christians for

J.John explains why he believes Christianity has been a force for good in the world:

Increasingly, I’m coming across a distorted view of history and society. Writers and speakers look at the modern Western world with its technology, culture and its advocacy of human rights and democracy, and imply that it all mysteriously ‘just happened’. It is taken for granted that those values we prize, and which most of the world seems to want, are simply accidents of history and have nothing to do with the beliefs of those Christians who shaped them. So there is no reference to the Christian beliefs of important historical figures who were motivated by their faith.

The truth is that Christianity played a significant role in shaping what we call ‘the West’. I think to ignore that fact is dishonest. Let me here just highlight twelve things worth remembering.

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