Rethinking politics: Should Christians embrace or eschew it?

With a snap General Election called by the Prime Minister, there are now three weeks left until polling day on 8 June. Supported by individuals and churches throughout the UK, CARE encourages Christians to be informed and to engage positively in public life and they’ve produced a dedicated election website

engaGE17 is packed with resources to help Christians prepare to vote on 8 June. There is information on a host of key issues including abortion, family, human trafficking, assisted suicide and religious liberty and the key questions for candidates.

CARE is passionate about seeing Christians engaged in politics and a General Election is a fantastic opportunity to be light and salt in our communities. On engaGE17 you will find resources outlining what the Bible has to say about Christian engagement in politics, as well as a guide on how to organise a hustings question time event through your church for candidates standing in your constituency.

They’re launching a database outlining how MPs have voted on key issues – new votes for the past two years include votes on abortion decriminalisation, assisted suicide and Sunday trading. All you need to do is enter your postcode to find out how your MP has represented you on these crucial topics.

They’re providing much more information as the Election on 8 June approaches, so come back to engaGE17 regularly to stay informed. You can also keep up to speed through the engaGE17 blog and follow us on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram.

They hope engaGE17 will be a great blessing to you as you prayerfully consider how to cast your vote on 8 June.

There’s a good article in this month’s Premier Christianity magazine by Heather Tomlinson about whether engaging in politics is really part of our mission and calling as Christians.  You can read it here.

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