Matthew 22 vv. 11-12: People who make themselves great

Love so undeniableI, I can hardly speakPeace so UnexplainableI, I can hardly thinkAs you call me deeper stillas you call me deeper stillas you call me deeper still into love love love (16).png

Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to his disciples: ‘The scribes and Pharisees’, he said, ‘sit on the seat of Moses. So you must do whatever they tell you, and keep it, but don’t do the things they do. You see, they talk but they don’t do. They tie up heavy bundles which are difficult to carry, and they dump them on people’s shoulders – but they themselves aren’t prepared to lift a little finger to move them!

‘Everything they do is for show, to be seen by people. Yes, they make their prayer-boxes large and their prayer-tassels long, and they love the chief places at dinners, the main seats in the synagogues, the greetings in the market-places, and having people call them “Rabbi”.

‘You mustn’t be called “Rabbi”. You have one teacher, and you are all one family. And you shouldn’t call anyone “father” on earth, because you have one father, in heaven. 10 Nor should you be called “teacher”, because you have one teacher, the Messiah.

11 ‘The greatest among you should be your servant. 12 People who make themselves great will be humbled; and people who humble themselves will become great.’

Jesus, Matthew 22 vv. 1 – 12.
Tom Wright, The New Testament for Everyone

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