John Thompson

Yesterday my friend John Thompson died.  John and Lesley led Jubilee Church, a New Frontiers Church in Ottery St Mary.  We moved to the area in order to join that Church.

Annette and I knew we were deeply loved by John, and it’s interesting that we knew that early on, not just after years of earned friendship. John was like God in that, he just warmly loved and accepted people.

img_0182He was very fatherly to me and I learned a lot through his friendship. He used to say he learned things from me, what kind of father thinks like that?

There was one time, long ago, that I disagreed with a matter and wrote John quite a long handwritten letter. If you or I had received such a letter we might have felt angry or upset. It was a measure of John’s character that when I later acknowledged it might not have been easy to read, he laughed and disagreed and said that he counted that letter as one of his most treasured possessions.

He loved God to the end, even when he became confused about other things.

Love to Lesley and the family.

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