Nehemiah: Destruction from war and neglect

During the seventy years of captivity, the leadership of Judah has been taken into exile, and the city of Jerusalem falls into disrepair.  Not only has the city suffered the ravages of the military campaign during the initial conquest, but it has also fallen victim to the erosion of neglect.  The destruction from war and neglect leaves Jerusalem in a state of abject ruin.

A fourth Sunday in the month, so no morning Explore meeting, but in the afternoon, a Bible Study at Colin and Annette’s.  4.30 – 6pm.  We start with tea and cakes and then study.  It’ll be a bit different as we’ll begin by watching a ten-minute video clip of a Chinese man who overcame his greatest fear until in the end he saw it as a gift. We’ll then introduce Nehemiah.  Children are welcome.

If you are reading this after the event, here is the full video (15 mins) that I showed a clip from;  Jia Jiang, What I learned from 100 days of rejection.

‘Basically the idea is for 30 days you go out and look for rejection, and every day get rejected at something, and then by the end, you desensitize yourself from the pain. And I loved that idea.’  Jia Jiang


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