Paraclesis, a new series at Explore

758‘Who Cares?’

That’s the question many people ask and one we can answer. You can read it in one of two ways, depending on your emphasis: as a serious question, or as a statement of disregard and disinterest. That’s the challenge. So in two weeks’ time, during Lent, we as Explore will be joining the wider Parish Church community and other churches in the town in starting a series called Paraclesis – Journeying Together. It is an initiative that has been designed and developed by Church Leader Trevor Partridge, over several years.

The meaning of the word ‘paraclesis’ is ‘coming alongside others’. Over six weeks, we will explore six themes: caring, loving, journeying, living, healing and connecting.

Tomorrow, at 11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church, Colin, Annette and Steve will introduce the ideas behind the Paraclesis series.

We’ll also have Communion together, and there’ll be a Bring and Share lunch after. We’ll sing Jesus is Lord and Who is there like You.

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