The Top 10 of 2016

Our top ten most popular posts and articles from our website 2016:

It’s a bit of a cliché to talk about how momentous 2016 has been. But whether it’s getting our head around the Bible, worshiping Jesus, or studying Mary’s life, members of Explore have made an amazing difference this year.

10. A thousand times in history, a baby has become a king

This post was from our Advent series this month about Mary.  It includes a great quote, and the song How Many Kings that we sung twice this Advent.

8= You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

Love this thought-provoking quote.

8= Hillsong: What a Beautiful Name

A great new song from Hillsong, that we’d love to learn in Explore.  Here’s a quiet acoustic version, some thoughts of the story behind the song, and the full band version.

7. Romans 15:13:  Hope

A rich Bible verse to meditate upon.

6. 5. Lang Leav: A Thank-You Note

A poem from Australian Writer Lang Leav.

4. I Don’t Have the Answers (We are Messengers)

A song from band We Are Messengers. I Don’t Have the Answers is a moving quiet song, sung by an Irishman with great authenticity. It speaks of standing with a brother or sister in prayer when they are going through a tough trial.  The article includes the singer songwriter telling the story behind the song.

3. Song of Solomon 3 v. 4: I have found the One whom my soul loves.

Some thoughts on a verse from the Song of Solomon.

2. I’m no longer a slave to fear.

Some lines from No Longer Slaves, a song we’ve enjoyed in Explore in 2016.

1.  The primary anchor points for mastering the geography of the Bible are the bodies of water.

Part of our Bible Timeline series, this post talked about the waters of the Bible.

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