Matt Redman: Angels (Singing Gloria)

A new song from Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin, Angels (Singing Gloria) from the Christmas album, These Christmas Lights.  It is written by Matt Redman, Nick Herbert, Sam Bailey and Jason Upton.

In the name of love, God is with us now
Mercy coming close, majesty touched down

singing-gloriaAngels, angels in the night
Angels, angels from on high
Messengers of grace
Messengers of light

Angels, angels fill the skies  Angels from the highest height
Glory all around
Heaven reaching out
A song we’d never heard
How beautiful the sound

Singing Gloria
Singing Gloria

This day a Saviour has been born
Jesus, He is Christ the Lord
This will be a sign, you will find a child
And suddenly the sky was filled with sacred choir

Singing Gloria

And they sang, Glory to God in the highest heaven!
Peace on the earth to those on whom His favour rests!

Singing Gloria

In the name of love God is with us now
Mercy coming close majesty touched down

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