Jack Frost: Rest

Some quotes from Jack Frost‘s book Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship:

“Our competitive culture tends to define rest as a place of idleness or being unproductive.  But the biblical rest found in sonship is not a place without activity or fruitfulness.  Rest is a posture of the heart of sonship that feels so sheltered in Father’s love that it does not allow itself to be pulled into a place where we strive to feel valued, affirmed, or secure.  Abiding in rest is the place where all people will be drawn to us because everyone is searching for rest”.

“The more I closed my heart, the harder I worked, because now I felt that I had to earn my way back into his graces through hyper-religious activity.  But the harder I laboured, the more deeply into orphan thinking I sank.  It began to consume me every waking moment.  I no longer valued the unheralded aspects of ministry but hungered to be seen and heard and to have greater authority.”

“It really gave me ‘warm fuzzies’ for people to whom I ministered to agree with me and think I was anointed and wise!  But it also demonstrated my immaturity and my need for the praise and agreement of man”.

“Even though I had integrity and thought that I was being totally loyal, it was such an easy thing to unknowingly draw people’s hearts to myself.  This held me back from maturity, promotion, and favor with God and man.  In the church, I unconsciously caused tension and division in the spiritual realm because of my lack of maturity and my need to feel accepted and liked”.


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