2 Kings 2: Transition of leadership


Simon Franklin, John and Ruth Ward, Brian and Wendy Cammack, Sheila Walker, Pete and Jennie Button;  all people who shaped Explore in years gone by, and we live in the benefit of their investments.  How do we honour our elders?

In Explore tomorrow, 11.15am at the Parish Church, Colin looks at the transition of two leaders.  Elisha took on Elijah’s job;  and he also inherited Elijah’s God-given powers to perform miracles – solid evidence that God was at work.  Elijah’s body was never found, and he is one of only two people in the Old Testament who never died.  Elijah’s coat was now Elisha’s.  Bring any children, we’ll be popping balloons and applying today’s story to what we aspire to do and be, we mustn’t talk ourselves out of what God has called us into. Richard Allen will lead us in Communion and there’ll be one of our popular bring and share lunches after the service, bring some finger food to share.


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