1 Kings 12: The Kingdom Divides

It’s an Explore Barbeque today from 2pm.  The weather forecast, which had suggested a little rain, is now saying it will be dry and fine!

David, the greatest king in the new monarchy, is followed by a succession of mostly unrighteous kings, and God eventually judges Israel for her sin, sending her into exile.

As a result of Solomon’s spiritual drifting, a civil war erupts upon his death, and the kingdom is divided.  There is now a northern kingdom, consisting of ten tribes, and a southern kingdom, consisting of two tribes.  The northern kingdom retains the name Israel, and the two tribes adopt the name Judah, after the name of the larger of the two tribes.

Leisa moves forward in the Bible Timeline tomorrow at Explore, looking at The Kingdom Divided.

Starting well isn’t the same as finishing well.

Do you seek advice from people who have more experience than you?  Why is it hard sometimes to seek help from people of another generation?

Ottery St Mary Parish Church, 11.15am.

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