Bill Wilson: Whose Child Is This?

A few short quotes that inspired me from the book I have just finished, Whose Child is this by Bill Wilson:

‘If people don’t know your passion, you don’t have any.’

I don’t plan to reach the age of sixty five and say, ‘I wish I had the chance to do it again differently.’

‘Long ago I realised that though I may have a successful ministry and a first-rate presentation of the gospel, taking the time to put my arm around a child and actually listen, not just act as if I’m listening, is more effective than any presentation I will ever make.’

‘Do I really care?  That is the question we must all ask ourselves.  Author Henrietta Mears, has said ‘The teacher has not taught until the pupil has learned.’  How do they learn?  When children love the messenger, they are open to the message.  That is why caring must always precede communication.  If people don’t like you, they’re not going to listen to you.  It’s that simple.’

‘You will only be remembered for two things in life:  The problems you solve and the problems you create.’

‘It’s not as important what you accomplish in life as what you set in motion.’


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