2 Samuel 9: David is kind to Mephibosheth

In tomorrow’s Explore, we continue our Bible Timeline series.

Grace seeks us where we’re at, brings us to the King’s presence, and keeps us for the King’s return.

David’s display of grace and kindness to Mephibosheth is a wonderful picture of God’s grace to us.

  • We are hiding, poor, weak, lame, and fearful before our King Jesus comes to us
  • We are separated from our King because of our wicked ancestors and our own deliberate actions
  • We separated ourselves from the King because we didn’t know him or His love for us.
  • Our King sought us out before we sought Him.
  • The King’s kindness is extended to us for the sake of another.
  • We must receive the King’s kindness in humility.
  • The King returns to us what we lost in hiding from Him.
  • The King returns to us more than what we lost in hiding from Him.
  • We are received as sons at the King’s table, with access to the King and fellowship with Him.
  • The King’s honour does not immediately take away all our weakness and lameness, but it gives us a favour and standing that overcomes its sting and changes the way we think about ourselves.

We are also to be like David.  His grace to Mephibosheth is also a pattern for us in serving and ministering to others.  

  • We should seek out our enemies and seek to bless them.
  • We should look for the poor, weak, lame, and hidden to bless them.
  • We should bless others when they don’t deserve it, and bless them more than they deserve.
  • We must show the kindness of God to others.

Who this week needs a fresh reminder of God’s grace to them?  Who will go and show it?

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