Five influential preachers | Part 1 – Bryn Jones

Terry Virgo, founder of the Newfrontiers family of churches, was asked to name the five most influential preachers in his life.  Not the five best, the five that had influenced him most.

One was a man I have heard preach many times, the late Welsh preacher Bryn Jones. When I (Colin) heard Bryn preaching, he always left me feeling that I could do anything with God, he was inspirational.

Terry writes:

What a preacher! He was unafraid to use humour, but nevertheless brought you to God. 

Mostly I heard him from large platforms before vast crowds at ‘Bible weeks’ where thousands camped in tents and caravans and gathered for vast meetings. He used the whole stage.  One of the things I learnt from him was mobility and the use of action in telling a Bible story.  There was a sense in which he acted it out.  He played the parts.  He drew you into the drama.  So very helpful, especially in the large Bible week setting.

He also lived with a big vision.  A make-it-happen man, Bryn caught people up in his vision.  His preaching was a call to arms.  He wasn’t simply explaining the Bible but had a passion to move God’s people into God’s purpose. His preaching galvanised a movement.

He was a man on a charge.  Bryn’s preaching was not simply that of a Bible teacher, it demonstrated apostolic authority.  People were not inclined to critique the preaching, they tended to volunteer for the campaign.  He was a leader, calling the troops to action.

He influenced me greatly.

You can read Terry Virgo’s blog here.  I’ll blog another of Terry’s five most influential preachers next week.


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