The Battle of Jericho: A miraculous conquest of a City

On the eve of the Battle of Jericho, Joshua needed to be reassured, and this happened.  But it also took great faith on Joshua’s part and his army’s to carry out God’s strange instructions.  God chose to give the victory in such a way that no one could say it was achieved by their own cunning or courage.

The Canaanites are united in their hatred of the Israelites, but not in their military opposition to them. Primarily, the region is characterized by individual kings, each with his own city and surrounding country. Joshua cuts through the middle section toward the Mediterranean Sea. Having divided the land, he then begins to conquer, from South to North. In about seven years the initial defeat of Canaan is complete (Joshua Chapters 7-12).

Each of the twelve tribes of Israel is given a land area by lottery and is responsible for finalizing dominion over that area. All twelve tribes inhabit their area and take up a relationship of loose federation with the other tribes (Joshua Chapters 13-20).

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