What you need to know about The Bible Book of Numbers


Tomorrow at Explore we will look at the Bible book ‘Numbers’, when Moses and God’s people have finally arrived at the borders of the promised land.  In fact, this was the very country in which their ancestors had once lived, before they came down to Egypt – the promised land that Abraham had travelled west to find.

Israel leaves Mount Sinai and migrates North to an oasis, Kadesh Barnea, the southern gateway into the ‘Promised Land’ (Canaan). From this vantage point, twelve spies (one from each tribe) are sent into Canaan to report on the prospects of conquest. Ten report that there is no chance, that the land is indomitable, in spite of the fact that God has promised to give them victory over any opposing forces). Two, Joshua and Caleb, exhort the people to believe God and go into the land. The people follow the majority report, and refuse to follow Moses into the Promised Land.

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