My 40-day Facebook fast

My 40-day Facebook fast

Dave Winter is among a growing number of Christians choosing to give up social media for Lent.

OK, so I like to tweet… and post on Facebook, and put my photos on Instagram. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m an addict, but I do pick up my phone regularly and find myself distracted throughout the day. So when Lent came around, why wouldn’t I choose to leave behind social media? It would be far harder than giving up chocolate.

Once the routine of reaching for my phone every 10 minutes had been broken (that took about three days) I found the experience a positive one. Not only did I have more time for conversation with people, including my wife, but it was also noticed by my children, particularly Harrison (aged five) who told me that I was ‘listening more with my eyes now’.  

I had to explain to my colleagues that I was unable to post work updates and adverts. It opened the door for me to explain Lent, the importance of my faith and even say the ‘J’ word. It was a choice that colleagues were happy to support me in.

Forty days later, I find myself back in the cyber world. But it’s deliberately at a reduced capacity and I am more mindful of time spent on social media sites.

I’d recommend giving up social media for Lent. Sometimes you’ve got to move your eyes up from your phone screen to the horizon in order to experience the Lord’s presence.

Find Dave on Twitter @WinterDave2

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