The Nine Main Eras of the Old Testament

  1. Creation – Includes the creation of the world, humanity, and early events.
  2. Patriarch – The birth of the Hebrew people through a family of patriarchs, covering a period of 200 years.
  3. Exodus – The exodus of the Hebrew people as they are delivered out of 400 years of slavery in Egypt.
  4. Conquest – The conquest of the Promised Land by the Hebrew people upon their return from Egypt.
  5. Judges – A 400-year period during which Israel is governed by rulers called judges.
  6. Kingdom – An additional 400-year period during which Israel becomes a full-fledged nation ruled by a monarchy.
  7. Exile – A 70-year period during which Israel’s leaders live in exile, having been conquered by foreign countries.
  8. Return – The return of exiled Jews to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and the temple.
  9. Silence – A final 400-year period between the close of the Old Testament and the opening of the New Testament.

Taken from Max Anders’ book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.  614wle0fkkl-_sx348_bo1204203200_

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