Unoffendable: We’re waiting for something extraordinary.

I think we’re all waiting, all yearning, for something that will change everything. Something remarkable, indeed, that makes us, finally, amazingly significant and completely secure. We’re waiting for something extraordinary.

My question is, what if that extraordinary thing has already happened?

What if we knew that the King wanted to be with us, wanted us in His family, His home . . . forever?

In fact, if this is true, that very love toward one another would be an accurate test of whether we really believed all this. If we loved others with a newfound patience, a refusal to take offense, and a lack of self-seeking, it would be evidence that all this is real.

There are those of us who pat ourselves on the back for loving our families and friends. “I’m loyal to the end; I’d die for my kids,” we’ll say. Truth is, that’s not really terribly remarkable. Everyone, or practically everyone, feels this way.

What is terribly remarkable is when someone is willing to love a person, in the name of Jesus, whom he or she would otherwise despise.

Without Jesus, it simply makes no sense.


Unoffendable 1

Hansen, Brant (2015-04-14). Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better (Chapter 17). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.  Buy it here for £1.99.

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