Unoffendable: God is patient with everybody right now

I’m blogging quotes from the book Unoffendable by Brant Hansen (2015), currently on offer at £1.99 from Amazon (Kindle version).   You can purchase it or find more details here.

Notes from Chapter 7:

I used to get into arguments online about stuff. I found there are two ways to handle this sort of thing.

Option 1:

4: 10 p.m. See insulting comment from Bob371 on blog.

4: 15 p.m. Stew about it.

4: 20 p.m. Craft amazingly thorough, literate, snarky reply to put Bob371 right.

4: 30 p.m. Hit “submit” and walk away from computer, all smug and cool.

4: 40 p.m. Return to computer to delete my smug reply.

4: 41 p.m. See that someone has already replied to my smug reply.

4: 42 p.m. Delete my reply anyway, but write another one.

5: 30 p.m. Eat dinner with family, but distractedly, because I’m bugged by comments on blog.

5: 45 p.m. Decide it doesn’t matter what people say. I was right.

5: 50 p.m. See another blood-boiling response from the Big Idiot formerly known as Bob371.

5: 52 p.m. Decide to write something sort of nice, but still, you know, making my point.

5: 55 p.m. See new comment. Someone else, whom I respect, thinks I was being an idiot in my original comment. Respond to that person via e-mail, to apologize, but not really, because the idiot formerly known as Bob371 is a bigger idiot.

6: 10 p.m. Write another comment, commence stewing about the whole thing until 1: 30 a.m.

That’s one way to handle it.

Option 2:

4: 10 p.m. See insulting comment from Bob371 on blog.

4: 15 p.m. Thank him for it; point out what I appreciate about it. If I want to continue the conversation, fine, but otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

4: 20 p.m. Go and play Mario Kart with my daughter, get beaten 75-0, then eat dinner with the family and laugh about stuff.

I’ve learned option 2 is pretty awesome. And it’s way more restful. I actually sleep better when I’ve chosen to be unoffendable. Thing is, many people will agree with me, until they see what Bob371 wrote. Maybe he said something that’s totally untrue, or anti-God, or immoral, or whatever— now what? My experience is that option 2 still works. I’m still opting for sleep. I don’t control the world, I don’t control Bob371, and I’m not going to cancel out every strand of thought on the Internet with which I disagree.

God is patient with everybody right now.

Wow, is God patient with us.

Wow, I should be patient with Bob371.

Choosing to be unoffendable not only helps me sleep at night rather than worrying about my latest online “Stand for Truth”; it helps me remember that Jesus didn’t even ask me to take a stand for truth on everything. He told His followers to go and make disciples. Make other followers.

And that takes patience with people. It takes me taking a deep breath and trusting that God has plans for, and even loves, the evil Bob371.

Unoffendable 1From Hansen, Brant (2015-04-14). Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better (Chapter 7). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition. You can purchase it or find more details here.

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