Unoffendable, Chapter 3

Some ideas from Chapter 3 of the book Unoffendable by Brant Hansen (2015), currently on offer at £1.99 from Amazon (Kindle version).

  • There’s something powerful, and incredibly compelling, about someone who refuses to be offended.
  • Your life will become less stressful when you give up your right to anger and offense. And by the way, if you don’t, you’re doomed. So there’s that too.
  •  Forgive in the big things and the small things. Don’t take offense.
  •  I used to be scandalized by others’ moral behavior. I’m just not anymore. It frees up a lot of mental space, and we probably need more of that, to pause and reflect on what matters in life.
  •  It’s not that I think that potentially offensive behavior is “right” or “good.” Not even close. It’s just that it’s not about me. I’m not going to be threatened or scandalized by someone else’s immoral behavior.
  • So what if— just dreaming out loud, here— Christians were known as the people you couldn’t offend?
  • Yes, we get angry. Can’t avoid it. But I now know that anger can’t live here. I can’t keep it. I can’t try it on, can’t see how it looks.
  •  I’m not entitled to anger, because I’m me. I can’t handle anger. I don’t have the strength of character to do it. Only God does. We can trust Him with it. Jesus gets angry, but His character is beyond question, so He is entitled.Unoffendable 1Taken from Hansen, Brant (2015-04-14). Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better (Chapter 3). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

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