There’s a place for them here

Who has God been preparing for Explore?  Who is He asking you to invite along?

Practise the nine words that can change a life:

‘Would… you… like… to… come… to… Church… with… me?’

We could pray for our own courage to invite, for those we are inviting, for other members of the congregation and the people they are inviting.  Pray for Explore leaders, Steve, Leisa and those planning and delivering your Christmas services.

Make the invitation.  Whether the person accepts or not is God’s part of the process, not yours.

Once your friend has said ‘Yes’ to the invitation, go and pick them up.  Walking or driving with them is as much part of being Church as is the act of worship.

Introduce them to your friends over food or coffee.  It is easier to help someone to break into the life of the Church family once they have met others in the Explore community.

Assume your friend is coming next week and invite them again.

‘Shall we do this again next week?’

Condensed from ’12 steps to creating a culture of invitation’, Christianity magazine, December 2015.


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