Listening Prayer in making decisions (a)

I believe the primary function of listening prayer is to maintain an intimate relationship with God, not to get you out of a mess.  When God is your best friend, you don’t need to make 999 calls.  In practice, I do pray for God’s help when in a crisis or at a crossroads, and I expect Him to answer.  But because my friendship with God has been nurtured through listening prayer, my requests lack the anxiety or impatience of a typical ‘999 prayer’, and lack their grovelling, begging, bargaining and demanding.  Friends of God can make their request and then rest, watching what He does from a place of peace.  They are familiar with His voice, sense His peace and can act in faith without hesitating or running ahead.

Friends of God who live by faith and consult the Lord are led by the Spirit into God’s purposes.

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 8.


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