How can I remove a block in meeting God?

  1. Ask God to show you what the block is.  Whenever we take that step, He will provide a word or picture or impression of what the block looks like.  Sometimes the block may appear as a wall, a boulder or similar obstacle.  Other times we may see a dark ‘something’ or a little demon.  We may even see a person in our lives whom we need to forgive or forsake.  If the nature of the image we see is not specific, we ask God to name it.  We may see a label or hear a word that describes the block.  Blocks may include emotions, lies, sins, people, demons or many other things.  Don’t guess.  Don’t try to work it out yourself.  Just listen.  Believe that God has ‘waved this flag’ to get your attention.  He is also prepared to resolve the issue.
  2. Ask God to show you where the block came from.  Dealing with the block at source often involves going back into a memory with Jesus momentarily.  But having resolved the event(s) that gave rise to the block, you’ll find that the block itself is either gone or you can ask Jesus to come and remove it.
  3. Ask God how it can be removed.  Sometimes the Lord will say, ‘Just ask’.  On other occasions, he may ask you to put something right first.  This may involve repentance or forgiveness.  He may want you to hear a truth and choose to believe it, renounce a lie or break some inner vow you’ve made.  Again, you won’t need to be the one to fix it.  Just ask, listen and obey.  When in doubt, I just keep asking the Lord, ‘What needs to happen next?’ until He tells me the block is ready to go.  Most commonly, Jesus will appear and may stamp on the block, brush it away, chuck it into an abyss or kick it out of existence.  Psalm 103 vv 11-12.

Lest this sound complicated, the whole process frequently takes about a minute.  That’s the norm.  It need not be a big deal.  It’s just really sad that we put up with them so long!  Blocks are not the mountainous masses we imagine them to be.  I picture them as little wooden children’s blocks that our heavenly Father chucks aside after discussing them with his children.

From Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 7.  Brad-Jersak-Can-you-hear-me-201x300

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