Meeting God in Dreams and Visions

Crossing over into other imaginary lands is familiar to readers of Christian authors like C.S. Lewis.  But it should be just as familiar to readers of Bible writers and prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel or John.  Sometimes visions and dreams were something the prophets ‘saw’.  At other times, they were more like spiritual places where they were taken to meet God.

A good example is when John sees the throne room in Revelation Chapters 3 and 4.

Certainly not all dreams and visions are of this nature.  We do have dreams that are the processing of the emotional ‘stuff’ of the day, flights of fancy that are of little spiritual importance.

I would argue that any vision or dream might become a meeting place with the Lord just by inviting Him there.  If:

  • You are in a dream or vision (even in the memory of a dream) and
  • He is with you always, then
  • finding Him there is an obvious next step.

Ask God to remind you of a vivid dream, whether you dreamed it recently or long time ago.  It may be a pleasant dream or a nightmare.

Step back into the dream and find Christ there.  Ask Him to tell you what each dream-person and symbol represents.  Ask Him how He would like to resolve the dream and then watch what He does.

Taken from Can You Hear Me? by Brad Jersak.  Brad-Jersak-Can-you-hear-me-201x300

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