Meeting God in Physical Places

Our friend Lorna meets God under a clear blue sky.  Our friend Bruce met God while imagining a walk by the river he’d done for real the previous evening.  Annette meets God at the same farm gate on her weekday morning cycle route.  Often I meet God on a beach we went to as a family on holiday.

Do you have a familiar physical place where you enjoy meeting with God?  Maybe its a favourite room to pray.  Maybe a particular chair or place you like to sit or kneel.  A particular walk or vista can become a special meeting place.  It can feel like holy ground. It’s as if God anticipates our arrival for those familiar meetings.

You can meet God in the physical place itself, or equally you can ‘go there’ in your mind.  Take some time now to think of some favourite spots where you enjoy walking or sitting with God.  Are you able to sense where Jesus is in that place when you are there with Him?  Is there something you would like to say to Him, or ask Him?


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