How do we hear God?


People (or other creatures) who speak to us: friends, authors, teachers, angels, animals, etc

Life Circumstances



A thing, action, or situation that represents something greater or more intense than itself because of something the two have in common. God communicates with us largely in symbols because we have no other way of understanding what is incomprehensible to us.


Spiritual lessons taken from common life occurrences.

Direct Messages to Our Hearts

“Every sense is called sight, for there is ‘taste and see  how sweet’, and ‘smell and see’ what a savour of life the Lord is.  So St. John turned about to ‘see a voice.’  There, hearing was seeing.  And so our Saviour Christ says, ‘touch and see” and there feeling is seeing.  All things concur to this seeing, and therefore in all the works of your senses, and in all your other faculties, See ye the Lord.  Hear him in his word, and so see him. “

John Donne, Sermons


Mostly we hear an inner voice in the form of thoughts, words, and sentences, as though someone is talking directly to our minds from within.


Scripture is full of this: the prophets, John the Apostle, Peter, etc.


Discernment, intuition, impressions, burdens, vibes, gut feelings….”I just know that I know” Cloud of unknowing calls it “an awareness of God, known and loved at the core of your being”…His felt presence.  “In that felt presence, we may not admit that we hear a voice or see an image, but we can sense that if the Lord were to speak, he would be saying or doing such-and-such.

Brad-Jersak-Can-you-hear-me-201x300Taken from Can You Hear Me? Brad Jersak, Chapter 2

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