God Doesn’t Speak To Me

At Explore we are following Brad Jersak’s book ‘Can You Hear Me?  The Spirit of Christ is speaking.  His voice is constant and clear.

But the good news gets even better.  You can already hear Him well and often.

You’ll find that regardless of your previous assumptions, you will be ‘proven guilty’ of hearing God, whether you identify yourself as a Christian right now or not.


Has God ever invited you into His family?  Through a parent, a Sunday School teacher, a camp speaker, a reasoned presentation or an unexplained hunger in your heart.  This invitation is your introduction to the voice of God.


Have you ever heard God through Scripture?  Do you sometimes remember scriptures at important moments?  When you read the Bible, do verses or phrases seem to ‘jump out’ at you?  Do some passages impact your heart with conviction or emotion?


Has God ever spoken to your heart through a minister, vicar or teacher?  When you listen to a sermon, do you ever get the feeling that the message was directed only to you, as if the preacher had been reading your mind?  Then you’ve heard God speak as His word was preached.


Has God spoken to your heart through worship?  Has your hair ever stood on end as you’ve participated in worship?  Did it ever bring you to tears or bring home some important truth in your heart?

Conviction of Right and Wrong

Does God ever address issues you need to put right with God or others?  Does He ever affirm areas where you truly please Him?  Genuine conviction of sin is the voice of God speaking to the heart about what grieves Him.

A Burden for Others

Have you ever felt a strong urge to pray for someone?  When you pray, do faces or names come to mind that God wants you to present back to Him in prayer?  This is such a common occurrence that we diminish it as something less than God’s voice.


Has God ever prompted you to encourage someone?  Has God nudged you to give someone a ring or send them a text that turned out to be timely?

It is normal to hear God’s voice.  When God speaks to you about your life, it counts.


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