Tomorrow at Explore

Join us 11.15am tomorrow, Ottery St Mary Parish Church, when Annette leads us in looking at the parable of a Pharisee and a tax collector.  Why did the tax collector go home vindicated?  People may denounce and attack us, but what does it mean that God’s future verdict about us is already known in the present?  Rev Nigel Mason, Hospiscare chaplain, returns to lead us in Communion (he was with us for our service on New Year’s Eve).  The service will be followed by a Bring and Share Lunch.

Rend Collective: Rescuer

We’ve been learning this song from Irish band Rend Collective.  This a live recording, the original is on their album Good News.

He’s our rescuer
He’s our rescuer
We are free from sin forever more
Oh how sweet the sound
Oh how grace abounds
We will praise the lord, our rescuer
There is good news for the captive
Good news for the shamed
There is good news for the one who walked away
There is good news for the doubter
The one religion failed
For the Good Lord has come to seek and save

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Danny Silk: While God is not afraid of sin or sinners, most of us are

More from Danny Silk’s book, Keep Your Light On:

While God is not afraid of sin or sinners, most of us are. We’re afraid of people’s mistakes, and we’re afraid of our own. It’s no wonder our entire society, including our court system, is set up in such a way that fear and punishment are the solutions to bad behaviour. And as long as we operate out of fear, we will inevitably continue to reproduce distance and disconnection in our relationships with God, others, and ourselves. The cycle can only be broken by repenting from the lie that we can control other people and by accepting the truth that the must control ourselves.

As soon as you begin to believe this truth and stop trying to control people, you’re going to be confronted with a lot of resistance from the old ‘normal’. And it won’t give way to Heaven’s normal without a fight.

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Tomorrow at Explore

Tomorrow at Explore, Leisa opens up the story of The Prodigal Son.  The three stories in Luke 15 are ways of saying, ‘This is why we’re celebrating!’  What was Jesus doing?  Is this something we should be doing?  What is the role of celebration in the bigger Bible story?  11.15am Ottery St Mary Parish Church.