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                Liver disease


                Hangzhou Proprium Biotech Co.Ltd. is a leading diagnostic company with proprietary products for detectingand monitoring liver disease

                Hangzhou PropriumBiotech Co. Ltd. (Proprium) is a leading diagnostic company in the field ofliver diseases with several proprietary products for detecting and monitoringliver fibrosis (cirrhosis) and liver cancer. In addition, it has diagnosticproducts for cardiovascular diseases.Proprium is also developing several diagnostic tests for other common types of cancersand personalized medicine.  Its missionis to lead theinnovation for the diagnosis and management of liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancers, and to reduce the burden of liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

                Foundedand led by a team of academic and industrial leaders in research, diagnosticand commercialization, Proprium has products approved by the Chinese FDA.Furthermore, its products also have European Union’s CE mark certificates fordistributing in CE marking countries. 

                To date, the company has raised capital fromstrategic investors. We are now seeking to raise additional funds to expand ourbusiness and to expedite the sales and distributions of our products.

                If you are interested in learning more aboutinvestment opportunities with Hangzhou Proprium Biotech Co. Ltd, pleasecontact: blin@propriumbio.com