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                Liver disease

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                Proprium published a featured article of CHI3L1 marker on OM...

                         Jun 2015,????Proprium Published an article entitled ????“CHI3L1 IS a Liver-Enriched,Noninvasive Biomarker That Can Be Used to Staqe and Diaqnose Substantial Hepatic Fibrosis” on OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology.??????

                ??        According ??to several international and Chineseguidelines for the treatment of chronic liver diseases, including HBVinfection, accurate determination ??offibrosis stages iscritical ??foroptimizing the timing of antiviral treatment . In a study conducted at ZhejiangProvincial People's Hospital, the first Affiliated Hospital of ZhejiangUniversity and the Second Affiliated Hospital of ZhejiangUniversity, Hangzhou,China, 92 biopsy-confirmed stage S0 and S1 liver fibrosis patients, 31biopsy-confirmed stage S2 liver fibrosis patients and 153 advanced stage liverfibrosis (S3-S4) were enrolled. The median levels of serum CHI3L1 is 46.3 withthe upper 95% CI at 50.4 for stage S0-1 and 56.8 with the upper 95% CI at 76.2for S2 liver fibrosis (Table 2). A cutoff value of 76.2 could beused toidentify liver fibrosis at stage S2 or less. The differences between stage S0_1and S2 patients, and between stage S2 and S3_4 patients are both statisticalsignificant (P<0.05, the Mann-Whitney test).  ??

                        This achievement provesthegeneral hope people development capabilities, will be the majority ofpatients with liver disease gospel. Proprium welcomed the attention andcooperation of all walks of life.