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                Liver disease

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                Congratulate Proprium’s new arrivals: CHI3L1 assay successfu...

                      December 6, 2014, Proprium host the conference of the new arrivals:CHI3L1 assay---New diagnostic criteria of liver cirrhosis. More than 20 corporate guests, industry experts, news reporters participated in the meeting.

                      At the meeting, the eighth installment of the national "people plan" expert, President and CEO of prorpium announced that he detected liver cirrhosis new markers in 20000 gene protein, named “CHI3L1”. CHI3L1 (Chitinase 3-like 1, also known as YKL-40) is a member of the chitinase family but lacks chitinase activity; it encodes a glycoprotein that is a member of the 18-glycosyl hydrolase family . The function of this glycoprotein is unclear, but it has been hypothesized that CHI3L1 plays a role in both inflammation and tissue remodeling . Immunohistochemic al analysis demonstrated positive staining for CHI3L1 antigens in areas with fibrosis, particularly areas with active fibrogenesis. Expression profiling using the highly sensitive and digital nature offered by the next-generation sequencing technologies revealed that CHI3L1 is a abundantly expressed, and a liver-specific or a highly liver-enriched gene. From the data from the Illumina Human Body Map 2.0 (http://genomicdbdemo.bxgenomics.com/), the level of expression of CHI3L1 in the liver is 15.3-fold (compared with that in the kidney) to 276-fold higher (compared with that in the heart) than its level of expression in other tissues .


                ?   The CHI3L1 assay has an increased sensitivity of about 27% compared with the 4-biomarker panel in cirrhosis diagnosis.

                ?   The CHI3L1 assay has an increased sensitivity of about 22% compared with the Fibroscan method.

                ?   Good discrimination for different stages of liver fibrosis using CHI3L1


                     Proprium’s product fully win the favor of the guests. The successful conclusion of the meeting, Proprium creatures will continue, "Empowering individuals, Enhancing lives" Proprium spirit. For the community to provide better products for people to bring a more healthy life.