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                Liver disease

                Proprium Rapid Immunoassay Reader


                Proprium? Rapid Immunoassay Reader delivers fast and accurate measurement of lateral flow rapid assays, with reading time of less than 40 seconds per assay. The Proprium? Reader is a fully portable, point of care testing solution.

                •   ?Power Requirements: Universal power supply?Weight: 682 g (1.5 lbs)?Dimensions: 18.8 cm wide x 17.8 cm deep x 4.9 cm high   (7.4” wide x 7” deep x 1.9 high)?External Connections: mini DIN and USB ports for barcode reader, printer and computer?Keypad: 6 alphanumeric keys?Display: li...
                Comprehensive Solution

                HPJ-1 Rapid Immunoassay Reader fit proprium colloidal gold detection reagents:




                ??Rapid and quantitative readouts for true point of care testing

                ??A fully portable (battery and/or AC power), lightweight reader

                ??Simple operations with minimal training required
                ??USB port for Barcode reader, printer and computer
                ??No calibration required—Built-in lot-specific calibration in the barcode of assays
                ??High quality central components made by a Germany manufacturer
                ??Data can be exported to a computer