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                Liver disease

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                Hangzhou Proprium Biotech Co., Ltd.

                Mission statement

                ·      Leadingthe innovation for the diagnosis and management of liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases andcancers

                ·      Reducingthe burden of liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancers

                Who we are

                Hangzhou Proprium Biotech Company Limited (www.propriumbio.com) islocated in the Hangzhou Xiasha Economic & Technological Development Area(HEDA), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The company was established in 2010with an initial capital of $ 10 million (62 million RMB). Propriumbio has a 3000-m2 productionfacility that is certificated by the ISO 13485 International standard, andapproved by the Chinese FDA for production of medical devices.

                Propriumbio is amarket leader in diagnosis and management of liver diseases with several issuedpatents and pending applications in China, Japan and other countries.

                What we do

                ·      Produce diagnostic testsand associated diagnostic equipment for liver diseases, cardiovascular diseasesand cancers (Chinese FDA approved).

                ·      Produce products with CE Mark certificates forCE marking countries.

                ·      Offer contract-manufacturing (CMO) services at its GMP facility forclinical diagnostic tests for national and international customers.

                ·      Act as distributors forinternational diagnostic and reagents companies for sales in China.