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                Liver disease

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                Liver Disease APP
                Liver Health Care!

                Liver, first of all we know, it is a very important body organ, is the body's largest gland, performed more than a hundred daily work, but also the major fetal hematopoietic organs, human metabolism hub. Secondly, although charged with human liver very important work, but compared to other body organs, the liver can be said to be "silent organ." With significantly improved people's lives, and faster pace of life, many people own less and less emphasis on physical condition, resulting in liver disease without knowing it. Common liver disease including hepatitis B, hepatitis A, hepatitis C, cirrhosis of the liver and fatty, liver cancer, alcoholic liver and so on.
                Liver diseaseAPP
                There are many clinical manifestations of liver disease. Every day we have to eat, which was the most common digestive tract, such as: nausea, tired of greasy, poor appetite, there may be vomiting, diarrhea, splenomegaly and other symptoms. In addition, physical weakness, fatigue is the most common systemic manifestations of liver disease. Part also with varying degrees of liver disease jaundice, manifested as urine, yellow eyes and yellow skin, which is less specific for liver disease symptoms (except children physiological jaundice). The most specific symptoms of liver disease is liver discomfort and liver pain, such symptoms usually appear when we first suspected liver disease are caused by factors which exclude trauma.

                Liver net a very comprehensive, efficient and convenient phone APP client, provide a large number of leading IT aspects of liver disease, liver disease-related products and services in the field, industry reports and membership registration and other functions. With convenient browsing, powerful applications, the latest news and information for our customers to show a rich industry platform. The client is now facing the national investment, the major companies can supply and demand information and advertising on the client to make the Internet connection entities, major companies and hospitals to open up a new channel for customers.

                Installation: on the phoneAPP Store、Andrews, 91, wood ants, music shops, pea pods, Baidu application Search "Liver Network"  ,Download the installation.